In February, 1997, on the anniversary of my 25th year in the a-v (video, multimedia, audio-visual, whatever) business, I decided to use the web as an excuse to recollect and collect my thoughts on the history of my career to this point, tying it in with trends in the industry as well as the personalities involved. Geez, the ego of the guy!

I set out the chapters (listed to the left) and hoped to get it done in a year.

Well, we have made some progress, but we're not getting it done in a year!

In order to be a bit more realistic and to not disappoint the five or ten people that might be reading this, I've scaled back my own expectations a bit. I found that each chapter grew more expansive as I dug through things to make the pages visual, sometime leading to offshoots and other explorations. I've decided that I will get the first 10 years of this done by the beginning of my 27th anniversary (February 1st, 1999, thank you), and then take a break. I can not promise I will make it past that point, since to continue to wallow in the past is sometimes fun, sometimes a drag, but never particularly productive, especially as one tries to grow one's own CURRENT business. And the second ten years (plus 3) were a roller coaster ride of an accelerated pace that I may need more distance from in order to provide the proper perspective.

So, enjoy. Please begin at the beginning, if you're just starting out. I do believe in beginnings, middles and ends. 

PS: As I update this, it’s been 15 years since I wrote the above. Please check my blog at for further updates and stories.